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Darren Heitner Authors Sports Law Book, How To Play The Game

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Darren Heitner is a visionary in the sports law field, and he is currently a partner at one of the premier sports and entertainment law firms in the country, Wolfe Law Miami, P.A. As a talented writer, he has published a multitude of sports articles and is a leading contributor for Forbes. In fact, since publishing his first article in May 2012, Heitner’s articles have received a combined 3.1 million page views on Heitner is also a regular sports law speaker at numerous law school symposiums, legal conferences, and media outlets around the country. Additionally, Heitner recently wrote a book titled How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs To Know.

Heitner’s sports career is one of persistence and drive that is worth telling. Things were not handed to Heitner – he worked diligently to make them happen. The sports law field is an ultra-competitive industry that is tough to penetrate. However, Heitner did not let this deter his vision of making it in the industry. Early in his college tenure, he realized that he wanted to cultivate his fascination of, and passion for, sports into a career. In 2005, Heitner established, which has become the “go to” website for all sports enthusiasts. Only a few years later, Heitner founded Dynasty Athlete Representation (now Dynasty Dealings) to chase his dream of becoming a sports agent. Currently, both entities are still thriving, although he has re-branded Dynasty Athlete Representation to Dynasty Dealings as a sports and entertainment consulting group. Furthermore, Heitner has focused his law practice on representing athletes, entertainers, sports agencies, and sports affiliated organizations and businesses. Despite being only 29, Heitner’s experience in the sports business arena rivals even the most veteran professionals.

Heitner takes nothing for granted and continues to maintain a humble attitude towards his many achievements. This is the reason the American Bar Association (ABA) selected Heitner to author a book called How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs To Know. Heitner, unlike many other practitioners in the field, has experienced a vast array of areas in the law, and his many roles in the sports industry allows him to serve as the ideal candidate to author a sports law book.

How to Play the Game may be endorsed by the ABA and coined a “sports attorney” book, but it is a valuable resource to anyone that has any involvement in the sports industry and those seeking to gain more knowledge about the industry. It is eloquently written in a manner that disregards the legalese and frivolous language generally attributed to legal writing. Instead, Heitner’s writing style allows any professional to understand and master areas of the sports law field.

“Heitner provides an extensive yet concise look at the world of sports law and boils it down to the simplest of terms,” said Jonathan S. Blue, Chairman of Blue Equity, LLC and former Chairman of Blue Entertainment Sports Television (BEST). “This book will provide the reader with an inside look at sports law as well as serving as a reference tool in the years to come.”

Ralph E. Cindrich, a sports attorney and agent (since 1978) explains the value of gaining information about the competitive sports industry, “Getting started in the business and the legal pitfalls to watch out for is only the start of Darren Heitner’s How to Play the Game, a legal sports guide for young and old professionals.”

How to Play the Game is an all-in-one sports law book that is exactly what young professionals and experienced practitioners have been looking for because the sports law field has exploded in recent years. Furthermore, this book has been published at the most convenient time because college and professional sports are facing some of the most uncertain times in history. It provides the reader the ability to learn about the hot-button issues in sports, including collective bargaining agreements, drug testing in sport, amateurism in the NCAA, intellectual property and antitrust matters, and gambling and gaming matters to name a few. Heitner did not stop at just providing text; instead, his book provides supplementary case law and an appendix that is full of useful agreements actually used in the industry.

This book is a resource that must be in any sports professionals’ library. Leigh Steinberg, sports attorney, CEO of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, and author of The Agent, summed it up best: “Anyone thinking of a career as a sports attorney must read this book first. Keep it handy as a powerful aide in navigating the often thorny issues in this career.”

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I knew, but forgot, Mr.Heitner was 29. Anyway, to have so many veteran and older agents, I mean contract advisors, endorse this book and his experience/knowledge in this arena should make him and family proud. Also, his clients know they have the right person fighting for them. Congrats and thank you for all you’ve taught me. Look forward to keep reading your articles every week.

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