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Renardo Sidney Looking To Make A Comeback With Young Agent Zachary Charles

Renardo Sidney

We last wrote about Renardo Sidney over two years ago. He had just fired his agent Johnny Foster and his NBA future seemed to be taking a turn for the worst. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with up and coming NBA agent Zachary Charles whose company 3pt Sports Management, now represents Sidney.

Charles met Sidney through his other client, Jerome Harris. Harris, similar to Sidney, was one of the top recruits in the nation coming out of high school. Harris was once committed to UCLA but was unable to play due to academic reasons. If you remember, Sidney was recruited heavily by UCLA and USC before both schools pulled their offers. Now, both the 23-year-old Harris and 25-year-old Sidney are working out together trying to catch the eye of an NBA or D-League scout.

Charles has informed me that Renardo, who is 6’10”, is now weighing 290 lbs., which is about 20 pounds lighter than the last time he worked out for the Nets. He is working on getting down to around 270-275 lbs. Renardo has recently gone through some personal tribulations and Charles feels that these events have really helped him mature. He also said Renardo understands he made some mistakes in the past but that he’s learned from them and is prepared to put in the work necessary to make an NBA roster.

Zachary Charles
Zachary Charles

Charles did some consulting with agencies overseas prior to starting his own agency, 3pt Sports Management. The name, other than the obvious basketball reference, stems from his focus on contract negotiation, marketing/endorsements, and life planning. He is a graduate of the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University in New York City. When speaking about his clients, Charles said “both Sidney and Harris are truly amazing talents, While there are things that haven’t gone their way, they are both determined to achieve their dream. I am fortunate to work with these guys and I look forward to building this agency and I have two great leaders to start with!”

I would imagine the recent emergence of Miami’s Hassan Whiteside is positive motivation for both Zach and Renardo Sidney. When you watch Sidney’s high school highlights, it’s hard to imagine him not being able to contribute to a team at least on the top European level. It will be interesting to see how the careers of Charles, Harris, and Sidney turn out.