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Interview With The Agent: Zachary Charles

Zachary Charles
Zachary Charles

Zachary Charles is the Founder of 3pt Sports Management; a full service agency for professional basketball players.  A graduate of Yeshiva University, Charles is an NBA Certified Contract Advisor that is currently operating out of New York City. I recently spoke with Charles regarding his client Renardo Sidney and I would like to thank him for also agreeing to do an interview for Sports Agent Blog.

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(1) When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a sports agent?

I realized at a very young age that this was something I wanted to do. Growing up I was always watching sports in particular NBA and College Basketball. As my uncle always tells the story when I was 7 years old watching two random teams play, I was always fascinated by what went on behind the scenes and now I am getting a chance to see what goes on and I love it!

(2) Where did you go to college as an undergrad and what were your majors/minors? Did you pursue any advanced degrees to further market yourself in the sports industry?

I went to the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University, where I majored in Management. While I didn’t minor in anything I took a number of courses in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I didn’t go to graduate school. I jumped right into the business.

(3) How much experience did you have in the agent industry prior to starting 3pt Sports Management? As a follow up, what inspired you to create your own agency?

I have had a good amount of experience especially in the overseas market. I have great connections over there and have made several deals in Europe, South America, Asia, and Canada. What inspired me was that it was extremely hard to break into the business. I was extremely determined and hungry to be in the business so I said I am going to give this a real shot.

(4) Who was your first client and how did you land him/her?

I was doing consulting for a bit and helped bring in clients to other agencies. My first client for 3pt Sports Management was Jerome Harris, a former top PG in the nation who is looking to have a comeback. I landed him through a scout who brought him my way. I explained my plan and my vision to Jerome and he has been an amazing client and has amazing potential. He has also helped bring in Renardo Sidney who I am very excited about working with and I believe we will achieve big things.

(5) Have you found your age to be an asset or a concern to the athletes you’re recruiting? What are the biggest issues you face in recruiting athletes?

I really don’t look at my age as a concern at all, yes I am a young agent but I am hungry and determined. To me its an asset I want to succeed I am determined to succeed and I am ready to do whatever it takes. The biggest issue in recruiting athletes is just being new to the game. We are building an amazing structure and plan for our agency that entails contract negotiation, marketing and endorsements and something that I am thrilled about life planning, in which I think a lot of our future clients will really enjoy that. I know it wont be easy but I am prepared for that and realistic about my targets. We will continue to grow and succeed.

(6) With the growth in technology and social media, how has technology affected sports management and athlete representation?

It’s just another outlet to pump your players, We have an Instagram page @3ptsportsmgmt as we continue to get more clients and make placements we will use it more. I think social media is more for the actual players then it is for the actual agents. But it is a very important tool for success none the less

(7) What are some of your personal goals/goals for 3pt Sports in the future?

My personal goals is to just to stay focused and hungry this is a very tough industry and can get hard at times and I just need to make sure I stay focused on the goal. For the agency our goal is to grow and create something special. I like the idea of a family style agency where everyone feels comfortable. I want to give all my clients that 1 on1 relationship and I try to do that everyday. I think that we are headed in the right direction and hopefully some players from the 2015 draft class want to jump aboard.

(8) What advice do you have for people looking to break into the sports industry?

My advice is to stay focused, most people wont let you in the door. I had someone give me a chance to be a recruiter and I ended up closing about 8 deals in that year. Always try to reach out to people not for jobs but for advice. Little pieces of advice that I have gotten along the way have really helped me.

(9) What do you do for fun when you are not at the office?

When not working in my office, I like to hang out with my Wife, my family, and my friends. I was a serious tennis player growing up and in college so I love to play tennis and basketball as well.