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Precision Lands No.1 Pick, But McDonald Sports Wins The 2015 AFL Draft

Jacob Weitering, the #1 pick in the 2015 AFL Draft, is represented by Precision Sports (Credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
Jacob Weitering, the #1 pick in the 2015 AFL Draft, is represented by Precision Sports (Credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

The 2015 AFL draft was held on Tuesday in Adelaide, with a total of 69 players realising their dream of reaching the elite level. It was not only a big day for the players, but for the agents as well. They had been working mercilessly behind the scenes to get their players in the minds of the clubs.

Jacob Weitering was touted to take the top spot all year. Everything went according to script, with Carlton landing him with the no.1 pick. He was signed very early on by super agent Liam Pickering of Precision Sports. The relatively new outfit was created in 2014 by Pickering after leaving his post at Strategic Management.

The Top 10 was made up of all the major players in the industry, and is listed below:

Pick Player Agency
1 Jacob Weitering Precision Sports
2 Josh Schache McDonald Sports
3 Callum Mills Stride Sports Management
4 Clayton Oliver Elite Sports Properties
5 Darcy Parish Phoenix
6 Aaron Francis Elite Sports Properties
7 Jacob Hopper Connors Sports Management
8 Callum Ah Chee Players Ink
9 Sam Weideman Players Ink
10 Harry McKay McDonald Sports

To determine which agency performed the best in this year’s draft I have developed a points system based on the drafted player’s position.¬†With 69 players drafted, I awarded 69 points to the agency who manages the no.1 pick, then decreased points by 1 until pick 69, who receives 1 point.

I have also looked at how the agencies fared in comparison to last year’s draft. There were less selections this year compared to last (69 vs. 87), so I have scaled last year’s agency scores accordingly, to 79.3%.

Here are the results:

  Agency Points Draftees 2014 Score (Scaled) Change Change (%)
1 McDonald Sports 422 9 322 100 31.06%
2 Elite Sports Properties 377 11 497 -120 -24.14%
3 Stride Sports Management 366 9 436 -70 -16.06%
4 Phoenix 229 6 224 5 2.23%
5 Connors Sports Management 226 6 340 -114 -33.53%
6 Players Ink 182 5 189 -7 -3.70%
7 Precision Sports 114 2 58 56 96.55%

As you can see by the table above, McDonald Sports had a very successful draft. Not only did they land the top prize, but they had a 31.06% better result than last year. They had a total of 9 players drafted this year, up from 8 last year.

Elite Sports Properties dropped a spot from the top last year, but still pulled in a solid draft, with 11 names being called. They are the largest representatives of AFL talent with the most agents, so this comes as no surprise.