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Per a press release, Leigh Steinberg, the trailblazing sports agent and real-life “Jerry Maguire,” known for record-setting contracts for Pro Football Hall of Famers such as Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Warren Moon and many others, is expanding his influence in the sports and entertainment industries with the launch of Steinberg Ventures, a venture capital initiative focused on identifying and investing in emerging, high-growth companies and start-ups.

Steinberg Ventures, a partnership with international private equity firm Alpha Strategies, led by founder and President Jay Rogers, will leverage relationships and opportunities sourced primarily through Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, the Newport Beach agency led by Steinberg and COO Chris Cabott.

Capitalizing on the Steinberg brand, the joint venture will explore sports-related investments and start-ups ranging from entertainment projects such as movies, TV pilots and digital content to sports properties, consumer goods, food and beverage, sports safety and health, concussion-related products, apparel, gaming and apps – all the way up to stadium financing, franchise purchases or relocations.

“The expertise of Jay and his team gives us the ability to analyze and evaluate the investment potential for all the exciting deals that we encounter,” Steinberg said.  “There are promising businesses with innovative ideas emerging daily in the sports and entertainment space–we want to help them achieve their goals.”

With sports-oriented financing deals increasingly attracting interest as alternative investments, Steinberg Ventures will provide expert counsel in this highly competitive market. Alpha Strategies has a long-standing track record of success working with high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors, and has syndicated over $1.5 billion in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and real estate.

“Leigh is a visionary in the sports industry who has always been able to recognize value beyond the numbers on a contract,” said Rogers. “When you consider how large and diversified the sports, health and fitness, media and entertainment industries have become, you get a sense of the upside potential for Steinberg Ventures.”

Joining Rogers in advisory and management roles for Steinberg Ventures are Alpha Strategies executives Andreas Saucedo and James Wynne.  Saucedo formerly held senior positions as an alternative investment specialist at Man Investments, Meridian Capital Partners, UBS and Merrill Lynch. Wynne, a former William Morris Agency executive, is a senior consultant specializing in the media, technology and sports industries who has advised clients including Disney, Fox, NBC Universal, General Motors and the NFL.

For decades, Steinberg has been a vocal advocate for the research, development and implementation of protective equipment, diagnostics and therapies that can help reduce the frequency and long-term effects of concussion-related brain injury in sports. He has also been a pioneer in using the power of sports celebrity to affect positive social change. Chris Cabott, who will be leading the new venture together with Steinberg, sees this altruism as one of his partner’s most marketable business assets.

“Leigh Steinberg has had a remarkable 40-year career that most of us can only dream about,” said Cabott. “And even though Jerry Maguire said, ‘Show me the money,’ it has never been all about money for Leigh. He is a passionate crusader for the people and causes he believes in, and this partnership will help make dreams come true for like-minded entrepreneurs whose ideas can have a lasting and meaningful impact.”

 About Steinberg Ventures:

Steinberg Ventures, in partnership with international private equity firm Alpha Strategies, is a venture capital initiative focused on identifying and investing in emerging, high-growth companies and start-ups in the sports, entertainment, media and technology-related industries. For more information, please visit

 About Steinberg Sports & Entertainment:

Steinberg Sports & Entertainment is a sports and entertainment agency located in Newport Beach, Calif., led by Leigh Steinberg. Leigh has negotiated more than $2 billion in player contracts and helped to generate over $600 million for charity. He has represented the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft a record eight times and more than 60 NFL first-round selections in total. Seven former clients are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. For more information,

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