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5 Qualities Sports Agents Must Have

Every year, a new selection of players across different areas of the sport sector is introduced to the market as they seek to get their first professional deals, usually through agents. Established sports men and women on their part are equally engaged with agents, as they seek to make career moves and negotiate new contracts. Finding an agent however, is not always as easy as it should be.

If you are choosing a TV you can set priorities and develop a shortlist. If you are getting a mortgage you can compare deals and get advice. Bingo gaming lovers find it even easier as there are many sites offering reviews on bingo games in one place. The point is that in most decisions there are criteria to use to select a service or service provider, or review sites to help with the decision.

Finding an agent is more difficult, because you are looking for someone that could make or break your career and there are no sites to read reviews from thousands of past clients. The human factor also adds an intangible that is hard to integrate into your decision making process. We are glad to help with these top qualities you should look out for when picking an agent. People looking to become an agent should also learn from this information, and understand why these qualities are so important in the role.

A professional that can be trusted

A good agent has to be someone you can trust to have your best interest in mind at all times. You need to be relaxed about the fact that your agent will always be working for you in different capacities to help you improve your career without you having to call to remind him about your existence every month. Look beyond the agent that offers the best mouth-watering deal today and find one that will be committed to ensuring proper progress for your career.

A professional that is honest

Finding an agent that is honest sounds cliché but it is very important. An agent that will talk to you with raw honesty and directness will let you know when you are aren’t good enough for the kind of career you are looking at and always let you know what your realistic options are based on your abilities and facts on ground. An agent that will sugar coat the truth is bad for your business.

An agent with a positive reputation

Your agent can reflect positively or negatively on you. If an agent is known more for certain antics or negatives that have nothing to do with his negotiating abilities, you need to steer clear. The best agents are not likeable but when they have made a reputation for mostly representing subpar athletes, you are doing your career a disservice.

An agent you can reach at all times

Even when you trust your agent, you need to be sure he is someone you can trust. You should be able to call your agent at any time and when they are indisposed, they should be able to return the call within the day. You don’t want to work with an agent that could go off radar for weeks with or without prior notice. However, it is important to avoid abusing the privilege of being able to get through to your agent at any time. Only make sure you communicate when absolutely necessary to avoid sounding needy and ultimately losing a good agent.

An agent with a personal touch

For most agents, the athletes that matter are the big names. Other athletes, often signed en masse, are treated with a blanket approach even when the agents are working for their success. They simply don’t pay as much attention and don’t treat their ‘bread and butter’ clients in the same way as the bigger names. If you are not sure you will matter to your agent, turn them down.

Finding a good agent is a massive part of the career of any athlete. It is important therefore to ensure you get it right, so that you can focus on your performances without worrying about peripheral concerns.