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Compex Signs Five-Time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath To Endorsement Deal

Compex, a company that uses electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts work their muscles beyond traditional workouts and training, has signed an endorsement deal with Five-Time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. The 36-year-old Seattle native and current Mr. Olympia played point/shooting guard at the University of Denver before becoming an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Professional Bodybuilder.

“Compex has welcomed me with open arms, and I look forward to continuing to use Compex as part of my daily training regimen,” said Heath. “Its compact size allows me to train anywhere, and its diverse settings push me through my toughest training sessions and aid me on recovery days.”

It is said that Heath has been using EMS in his workout routine for a while now, using it alongside a sarm called ostarine as well as other training methods to build his body big enough to become Mr. Olympia. If you want to learn more about supplements which help bodybuilders to maintain muscle mass as well as promote rapid muscle growth, click here.

The EMS creates involuntary muscle contractions by sending electronic pulses to the nerve fibers throughout the body. The devices Compex offers feature different programs and progressions that help with an athlete’s warm-up, recovery, endurance, strength, and many more.

“We are thrilled to have Phil on board as a part of our team and are excited to be a partner in promoting his overall success,” said Brandon Hearn, Senior Director of Compex. “While training with Compex, Phil will now be able to utilize the full potential of his muscles and train harder, faster, and with a shorter recovery time.”

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According to their website, “Compex is the leader in electric muscle stimulation and continues to advance the science of electrotherapy with continuous innovations and improvements. From injury prevention and fast recovery to muscle-strength gains and endurance improvements, Compex provides athletes and active people the most intelligent tool to supercharge their performance.”