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Lagardère Sports Breaking Into Esports Media Rights

Per a press release from the company, Lagardère Sports which is a multi-national sports representation firm is partnering with esports media company to distribute media rights to a new international esports event. Lagardeère Sports announced that they have signed an exclusive worldwide deal with the leading esports company RFRSH Entertainment to represent the media rights for the BLAST Pro Series.

The BLAST Pro Series will be launched by RFRSH Entertainment in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena in November which holds more than 10,000 spectators and aim to have 3-4 additional events in 2018. This tournament will also be streamed live around the world with millions experiencing this new format with the esports market exploding. This format will include 6 teams to ensure fans can experience their favorite team compete live. According to the RFRSH Entertainment announcement of the Blast Pro Series, it is common for fans to not be able to experience the final qualification and many of the teams won’t even be in attendance. This format was created to alleviate that with the audience in mind to maximize the audience experience both in the arena and those streaming the tournament.

The esports market could be revolutionized with Lagardère Sports using their global network and RFRSH Entertainment’s expertise in creative marketing and media.

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