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City Football Group Teams Up With CAA Sports To Develop Global Partnerships

City Football Group (CFG) has partnered with CAA Sports to develop significant global agreements with CFG’s current football clubs. A few of CFG’s clubs include English Premier League’s Manchester City, MLS’s New York City FC, and A-Leagues’s Melbourne City FC to name a few.

CFG owns football-related businesses in major cities around the world. Those businesses include football clubs, academies, technical support, and marketing companies. Since CFG’s formation in 2013 they have experienced significant growth and have offices all around the globe. CFG has orchestrated innovative global partnerships with companies such as Amazon and Gatorade.

CAA Sports’ existing portfolio of properties includes Formula One, Red Bull Racing, and the Golden State Warriors leaving no doubt for CFG that CAA Sports will bring great value. The fast growing company of CFG hopes CAA Sports can foster new growth in 2018 by partnering with leading brands.