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Lagardère Plus, Rooftop2 Productions Partners With Maxim For New Maxim Experiences

According to a press release from Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, the France-based agency will delegate a new project to its sister company, Lagardère Plus. Rooftop2 Productions, a branch off Lagadère Plus’ tree, is also scheduled to crash the party in order to lend a helping hand. Together, the duo is teaming up with Maxim, which will depend on all three outlets to market, sell and produce a trifecta of events under the Maxim brand – Maxim Hot 100, Halloween and Big Game – dubbed Maxim Experiences.

Robert Price, COO of Maxim:

We are excited to partner with Lagardère Sports and Entertainment and Rooftop2 Productions to elevate the Maxim brand through these three large-scale event experiences. Launching with The Maxim Hot 100 event on July 21 in Los Angeles, followed by Maxim’s Halloween event and culminating with the legendary Maxim Big Game Weekend in Atlanta. We look forward bringing the Maxim brand to life for our readers and trusted partners.

Marc Riccio, Executive VP-Commercial of Lagardere Sports and Entertainment:

Maxim is one of the preeminent brands in lifestyle and entertainment, and their events collectively embody luxury, style, and sophistication to a very desirable audience. We look forward to have our Lagardère Sports and Rooftop2 Productions teams collaborate with them on the new Maxim Experiences platform and help reimagine these events in a way that lets more people experience them in new and exciting ways.

This isn’t Lagardère Plus’ first rodeo when it comes to managing campaigns. In the past, partnerships occurred with EA Sports, MetroPCS, which delivered an immersive experience for UFC fans, and BMW to whom Lagardère gifted a brand space to strut inventory. With the addition of Maxim, Lagardère Plus will have the opportunity to apply a true artisanal touch to already-premiere social events.

Rooftop2 Productions, the company responsible for the event production of Maxim Experiences, doesn’t fool around with its clients, either. It has been entrusted by the New York Jets, New York Yankees and Topps to develop the most intimate relationship – that between a brand and its followers. The Topps Super Bowl Experience, for example, ran away with the idea of taking something so simple and traditional, like a playing card, and transforming it into something much bigger than itself.

This year’s Maxim Hot 100 Experience will take place at the Hollywood Palladium on July 21. The purpose of the event is to acknowledge the planet’s most influential and beautiful women from the sports and entertainment industries. Additionally, Kate Upton, who topped the list of the Maxim Hot 100 in 2018, will spearhead the rest of Maxim’s year with a cast of personalities like Beyonce, Gal Gadot and Adriana Lima.

Maxim’s other tentpole events – Halloween and Big Game – will have to endure a waiting period, since each will take place over the next several months and into next year at the Super Bowl in Atlanta.