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Matthew Kingsley Moves 3 Kings Entertainment Office To L.A.

Matthew Kingsley, CEO/Founder of on-air talent agency, 3 Kings Entertainment, has announced that he’s packing up the agency’s bags in D.C. and shipping them out to Hollywood.

The decision comes on the tails of Kingsley’s wife, Jan Jeffcoat, ending a five-year broadcasting role at WUSA-TV in D.C. The duo and the agency will opt out for a newer life in California. Because of the move, Kingsley will also be able to help out 3 Kings Entertainment’s reach as he reminded Variety: “I’m looking forward to continue to build the 3KE brand, give my clients greater opportunities and a better advantage for success in a constantly evolving media environment. This move provides me with a much larger platform in the epicenter of the entertainment industry.”

Over the course of a decorated 20-year career, Matthew Kingsley has learned from and worked with the best, including Octagon’s Advantage International and sports lawyer Richard Schaeffer, after earning a Bachelors in sports management.

With clients ranging from ABC News and HLN to NFL Network and CBS Sports, 3KE has boxed itself up as a premiere agency, who was also acquired by Blue Equity in 2016, that represents talent on a multi-purpose level.