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Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes To Cash In On Stardom

It is no secret that Kansas City Chiefs’ QB Pat Mahomes has taken the NFL by storm this season. After last night’s game, he has led the Chiefs to a 11-3 record and has thrown for 4543 yards, 45 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and has a 67.1 completion percentage. His performance has thrust him to the top of the NFL MVP conversation and he looks to lead the Chiefs to the promised land.

The 23-year-old, first round pick of the 2017 NFL Draft out of Texas Tech is represented by famed super-agent Leigh Steinberg who guided Mahomes to be patient with marketing deals. After learning the ropes of being an NFL quarterback behind former Chiefs QB Alex Smith as a rookie, Mahomes is looking to cash in on his newfound stardom.

Steinberg said that Mahomes will do more off-field work this offseason with most endorsements valued around $500,000, per our own Darren Heitner.

One of the biggest endorsements comes in the form of a signature breakfast cereal, dubbed “Patty Flakes,” according to Bloomberg. He isn’t the first quarterback to have a signature cereal, as Doug Flutie capitalized on his stardom with “Flutie Flakes” nearly two decades ago. At the moment, “Patty Flakes” do not have a company to produce or market the product, but two of the top dogs in the breakfast industry, Kellogg Co. and General Mills Inc. will likely be calling.

Mahomes and his representation team have made it clear that they will hold off on endorsement deals until the offseason, whenever that may come for the Chiefs. It is clear that Mahomes and co. are focusing on the task at hand and getting over the Chiefs’ recent playoff struggles.

“As soon as the offseason hits, we’ve got a load of different deals ready for public airing,” Steinberg said on the Blomberg Business of Sports podcast. “The goal has been to keep him off billboards and television in Kansas City and allow his play on the field to develop.”

Steinberg is no stranger to managing star quarterbacks’ endorsement portfolios. His clients include former NFL quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Steve Young, who are still receiving endorsements long after their respective playing careers.

There have been a number of companies inquiring about a Mahomes-centered endorsement deal, and rightly so. However, we’ll have to wait until after the season to see who wins the battle for the face of the Chiefs’ franchise.