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Athletes First Leads All Agencies With Eight First-Round Selections; CAA Second With Six

Thirty-two of the top prospects in the nation found their new homes last night when they were selected in the first-round of the NFL draft. Instead of shaking hands with Commissioner Roger Goodell and walking across a stage in Las Vegas, draftees were in the comfort of their homes with their closest family and friends waiting for a phone call from an NFL GM. The 2020 draft was far from ordinary, as players, general managers, coaches, and fans socially distanced themselves to stay safe from the novel Coronavirus.

Millions of fans tuned into their televisions eager to watch their team improve its future. Commissioner Goodell announced the selections from the basement of his home in New York. He invited a warm round of virtual “boos” from fans before kicking off the event. NFL owners constructed draft boards in make-shift war rooms in their homes as well as their 250-foot mega yachts (looking at you Jerry Jones). While this years draft was unconventional, surprisingly there were little to no communication issues and the NFL proceeded to put on a show.

Every draft, SportsAgentBlog highlights the agents and agencies representing the players selected. A few highlights from the first round include:

  • Athletes First led all agencies with eight first-round selections
  • CAA had the second most first-round selections with six
  • Demarius Bilbo had three first-round picks as the lead-agent for Klutch Sports’ newly established football division
  • Nicole Lynn became the first African American female agent to have back-to-back top 10 picks in the draft (Quinnen Williams No. 3 overall last year)
  • Kim Miale had her fourth ever top-10 pick (Saquon Barkley, Todd Gurley, and Leonard Fournette)
  • First Round Managment, led by Malki Kawa, had a first round draft pick for the second straight year (Tytus Howard No. 23 overall last year)
  • The defending National Champions, LSU, led all colleges with five first-round selections and became the first team to have a QB, WR, and RB drafted in Round 1 of a single draft
  • A record-setting fifteen SEC players were selected in the first-round

Each player and agent/agency can be seen in the chart below. We will update the chart for rounds 2-7 once the draft is completed.

By Josh Goldberg

Josh is a recent graduate of Florida International University's College of Law. He works at a law firm with the Franchise Law, Innovation & Technology, and Sports & Entertainment Law groups. He is the founder of Light Social Digital Media & Marketing - a content creation and branding agency for athletes.

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