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Everett Sports Marketing Closes A Staggering 21 Marketing Deals Ahead of NFL Draft

Everett Sports Marketing boasts a talented 2020 NFL Draft class that includes Jonathan Taylor, Tee Higgins and D’Andre Swift. But, what’s more interesting is how the Greenville, South Carolina-based sports marketing firm apparently lives and breathes its slogan: “experts at partnering clients with their favorite brands.” 

Ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft, ESM has spearheaded 21 new marketing partnerships for three of its clients, all of whom are potential first-round picks. Former Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor, former Georgia running back D’Andre Swift and former Clemson receiver Tee Higgins have each signed deals with brands across a number of industries. Food and beverage, athletic apparel, consumer electronics and financial institutions just to name a few. See below for the full list of partnerships.

Because these deals were closed before the start of Draft on Thursday, each brand will have a headstart in generating awareness and conveying their message by piggy-backing the excitement and attention of the NFL Draft. It’s no secret that these young stars were selected strategically, and their positive energy and high prospect status will bring the talk-value and consumer attention each of these brands craves. 


Jonathan Taylor’s brand partnerships include a lifetime deal with Toppers, with ownership in four franchises included, Under Armour, Ascent Protein, Madden, Panini, Bose, Fanatics and UW Credit Union. 

Courtesy of ESM

D’Andre Swift’s brand partnerships include Nike, Madden, Panini, Beats by Dre, Fanatics and Ascent Protein.

Tee Higgins’s brand partnerships include Nike, Hot Wheels, Madden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Beats by Dre, Panini and Ascent Protein.