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Morgan Stanley Approved by NFLPA as Institutional Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley was recently announced as the official “Institutional Financial Advisor” participant of the NFL Players’ Association (“NFLPA”). The partnership was made public last Friday, August 7, 2020, as Morgan Stanley will provide wealth management guidance to the members of the NFLPA through the organization’s Financial Advisors Registration Program. 

CNBC reported that Sandra Richards will lead Morgan Stanley’s efforts in this program that seeks to widen the pool of potential clients for Morgan Stanley while also increasing financial awareness and responsibility among NFL players. The program will also derive from the Global Sports & Entertainment division of Morgan Stanley,.

The partnership is now incorporated as part of the NFLPA’s website and states that Morgan Stanley’s advisors will help to forward four key criteria: understand, advise, deliver, achieve goals. Among the financial strategies in which Morgan Stanley will provide advice, there is an array of areas including maintaining cash flow, retirement planning, business strategies, estate planning, investing, and charitable giving. 

Morgan Stanley began working with the NFLPA as early as 2002 but didn’t receive its official designation as a “Institutional Financial Advisor” until 2020.