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DeAndre Hopkins Negotiates Record Breaking Deal

In early September, DeAndre Hopkins (wide-receiver) signed a contract extension making him the highest paid non-quarterback in the NFL. Hopkins’ two year extension is worth a total of $54.5M and keeps him under contract with the Arizona Cardinals until 2025. The new contract includes a whopping $42.75M guaranteed which is a $27.5M signing bonus, 2020 salary, 2021 salary, and a 2021 option bonus. Hopkins’ average annual salary is $27.25M which is the highest in the league for a non-quarterback. 

DeAndre Hopkins opted to negotiate his own contract, following the example set by a number of players including Richard Sherman, and his own teammate Larry Fritzgerald. Hopkins is arguably the best wide-receiver in the NFL and is known for his route running, sure hands, and circus catches. Hopkins recently broke the record for the most receptions (22 receptions) in a player’s first two games with a new team. With this extension, Hopkins and Kyler Murray(quarterback) can form one of the league’s most dynamic duos for years to come.