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Interview with the Agent: Quintarius Queen

Aspiring NFL agent Quintarius Queen, CEO and Founder of Clever Sports Group is a graduate of Louisiana State University and is in the process of building his agency from scratch. Quintarius also earned his MBA from LSU and started his career in finance as a financial advisor and analyst before entering the agent world. I recently had the opportunity to interview Quintarius, and the conversation can be found below.

Matt Engels: When did you decide you wanted to become an agent?

Quintarius Queen: Becoming a sports agent was always my biggest goal. I worked in the athletic department at LSU and developed a solid background in sports administration.

M.E.: How has your finance background helped you as an agent?

Q.Q.: I started my career as a financial advisor where I learned how to manage money, but more importantly how to relate to people. This experience will allow me to provide the knowledge I gained to my clients when they are looking for advice about their finances.

M.E.: Why did you decide to start you own agency and what has the process been like?

Q.Q.:  The sports administration program at LSU was helped me begin building my career in college. After I graduated, I tried working at six different agencies, but none of them gave me a shot. I spoke with a bunch of agents and picked their brains but was never able to find an opportunity.  I’ve used this as motivation and have developed the Mamba Mentality. I also love learning and continue to learn every day.

M.E.: Who was your first client and how did you land him?

Q.Q.: My first client was Rance Ward, he is a professional boxer in Louisiana. My first NFL client was Justin Hughes, a linebacker from Kansas State. I followed him on twitter and reached out to him which kicked off our relationship. My current role is a recruiter and manager while my partner Henry Opotowsky is handling the NFLPA contracts as a licensed contract advisor until I get my certification.

M.E.: What does your day to day consist of right now?

Q.Q.: Right now, my main goal is making sure I do everything I can for Rance and Justin both inside and outside of their respective sports. I am working on preparing Justin for his pro day and the NFL combine. I’m also looking at prospects for next year’s class. I’m trying to work my connections and get some buzz behind Justin’s name leading up the draft. Most importantly, I am growing every day and constantly working on making sure my clients get better every day, while improving my mindset and attitude toward life.

M.E.: What differentiates yourself from other agents in the industry?

Q.Q.: I am only 23 years old and I am not the traditional agent. I take pride in openly finding out who you are as a person. My agency is called CLEVER which stands for “Creating Leverage Exciting Victories and Enjoying Results.” The logo is a lightbulb which represents a breakthrough in life. I look up to Rich Paul and want to develop the same mindset as him. I am obsessed with taking control of my life and emotions and want to be the best I can be every day for myself and my clients.

M.E.: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Q.Q: I see myself knocking on the door, right below those big firms. I want to look back and say I helped Justin transform into a phenomenal person off the field and help him find another venture outside of football. I want to see the fruits of my labor completely pay off.

M.E.: What advice would you give to an aspiring agent?

Q.Q.: Put your head down and learn as much as you can. Growth is more important than anything. Keep going when it gets hard. Being in the sports industry is hard, but don’t be afraid to take those leaps and become exactly who you want to be. Most of all, enjoy the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day- once you fall in love with the process, the end goal becomes attainable.

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