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Soccer Family Agent Hopes to Elevate US Soccer to Prestigious Level

Miro Gladovic is no stranger to the nuances FIFA and professional soccer present. As a player agent from Australia, Gladovic hopes to take his industrial knowledge and place it into the hands of ordinary American families with hopes of making it to the professional soccer level with a revolutionary platform: Soccer Family Agent (SFA). SFA, designed by Gladovic, trains family members on how to represent their talent at the professional level, in hopes of finding professional playing contracts overseas.

“Through my experience, there was always one constant: besides a professional agent, players always had a family member who took the role of an agent, such as Lionel Messi and his father. It’s so prevalent overseas and not so much in the states. Americans rely too heavily on the collegiate system; and in soccer, it’s all about making a name for yourself at a young age,” Gladovic said.

SFA provides step-by-step modules written in layman’s terms which educate family members on topics which range from the basics of soccer rules, ethical agency practices, and seeking international opportunities. SFA cores itself with intimate family values and seeking the best American talent. “Soccer is such a subjective sport, and while there is data which helps evaluate performance, most nations base their evaluations on the style of play. This is not an American concept which I hope to educate others with using SFA,” Gladovic said.

SFA’s platform also includes access to the World Soccer Resource Center, the largest database and “most powerful tool” used by families looking to represent their loved ones. The resource center is home to over 200 countries in-depth analysis of players and teams which can be used in identifying playing opportunities.

Gladovic’s main objective from SFA is producing more American talent for international clubs which can then produce stronger US national teams. Gladovic realized one reason the USMNT was eliminated from entering the 2018 World Cup was because a lack of overseas talent. “We have the talent. You see a player like Christian Pulisic as the poster child for US soccer. We need more like him,” Gladovic said.

SFA is sought to become a competitor to boutique agencies, with the mission for families keeping business at the most intimate level. “I believe this is a platform which may become a substitute to smaller agencies. You will always have CAA or one of those big names, but this gives a new opportunity for amateur athletes to be scouted for professional opportunities.” Gladovic said.

With one goal in mind, Gladovic is sure on the right track of leading the right athletes to represent the United States at the professional soccer level.

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