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Soccer Family Agent Hopes to Elevate US Soccer to Prestigious Level

Miro Gladovic is no stranger to the nuances FIFA and professional soccer present. As a player agent from Australia, Gladovic hopes to take his industrial knowledge and place it into the hands of ordinary American families with hopes of making it to the professional soccer level with a revolutionary platform: Soccer Family Agent (SFA). SFA, […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No, I’m talking about Christmas and the associated holidays. I’m talking about the European Soccer Transfer Window! From January 1st to January 31st, Soccer Agents and Managers work ferociously around the clock to complete deals which may see players sign that lucrative multi-year contract with a massive club or go searching the lower leagues for […]

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CAA Gets Kickin In Soccer

In last week’s Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up on, Darren found an article that described the emergence of American soccer. The article talked how Los Angeles based Sports and Entertainment agency, CAA, recently announced a global partnership with Portuguese based agency, International Soccer Agency Gestifute. ¬†CAA and Gestifute will combine to form a global community […]


6+5 = Opportunity?

Just before Euro 2008 began taking over our TV sets, FIFA announced the proposal of a new rule, quite simply dubbed the ‘6+5’ rule. This would mean that football teams may only be allowed to field 5 foreign players in their starting 11, with the other 6 being from the home country. However, there may […]

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Preparing For The MLS Mid-Season

There are two times each year when soccer Agents undertake most of their business – during the Transfer Windows. Each country is permitted by FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, to promulgate two such periods and it is during these stipulated times that players can be bought and sold or loaned from one club to another. […]