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Overtime Announces The Launch of New Basketball League

High School basketball players who have no interest in playing in the NCAA have another alternative. Overtime Elite is a new league backed by the sports media company Overtime.  

Overtime promises high school athletes at least $100,000 annually to join their league, according to Kevin Draper of the New York Times. Overtime Elite (OTE) will be a new basketball league for up-and-coming elite high school prospects offering year-round development program by combining coaching, sports science like college basketball and performance technologies, facilities, and an academic program that not only benefits players at this point in their career development, but also as they progress into professional ranks.  

The league will be hosted at a single-site, beginning in September in a city still to be determined, featuring approximately 30 elite male basketball prospects, each earning a six-figure salary and the ability to participate in earning revenue from use of their name, image and likeness including through the sale of customized jerseys, video games, etc.  

Overtime says it will hire educators to ensure players get their diplomas, and relevant experience to run the league. The basketball operations division will include coaches and trainers with former NBA player Brandon Williams. 

As of now there has been no news of players signing to the league. But it is still very early and likely a tempting proposal to young athletes looking to turn pro early. 

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