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BMX Star Nigel Sylvester Signs With Steinberg Sports and Entertainment and APA Talent Agency

Steinberg Sports & Entertainment and APA Talent Agency announced the signing of Nigel Sylvester. In an exclusive partnership agreement, SSE and APA will represent Sylvester for all aspects of his career.  In a press release, CEO, Chris Cabott expressed excitement for the signing and partnership with APA. Sylvester is involved in many avenues outside of BMX, from arts, entrepreneurship and being a brand ambassador.  

Sylvester, 33, has been a professional since 18 and has acquired many endorsement deals despite not competing in many tournaments. His “GO” short film series have generated more than 10 million views on YouTube and other platforms.  

“Nigel is one of the leading content creators in sports and his digital film series. â€œGO” is a brand that we have admired for quite some time,” said APA President Jim Osborne.  

The partnership between both agencies come on the heels of Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Companies taking an equity stake in SSE. Yucaipa is also an investor of APA.  “Nigel represents a very unique market that is underserved in terms of storytelling. That’s the slant that our agency is taking in finding content creators with unique stories to tell.