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CAA Basketball Plans to Make Big Splash During Free Agency

NBA Free Agency in 2021 will be a frenzy for CAA Basketball, as 25 players on their client roster will become free agents. The free agency roster, headlined by the likes of Chris Paul, Mike Conley and Carmelo Anthony, currently holds a total of $188,146,097 in AAV with an average annual salary per player at $7,525,844.

Additionally, of the 25 free agents, 80 percent of current contracts hold Bird rights. Bird rights allow for a franchise to go above the salary cap to resign the specific player.

Under the newly approved NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, free agent negotiations were permitted starting November 30th which also includes a minimal three percent increase in the previous year’s salary cap. The combination of increased cap space and total number of free agents can serve as a field day for CAA.

CAA Basketball agents, including Aaron Mintz and Steven Heumann are some of the top grossing agents in the world who intend to use their tenure and player catalogue to cash in big this year.