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Z-Axis Sports Inks Partnership with IXG Sports

Alexander Zapata and Z-Axis Sports have officially branched into the soccer scene, partnering with Roberto Marellia of IXG Sports Management to build their in-house soccer division. Marellia intends to help Z-Axis’ roster and has already assisted in the acquisition of Inter Miami CF player, Denso Ulysse. 

Marellia and Zapata already have exhibited great chemistry and continue to make strides in their soccer department. As of now, Z-Axis currently is representing or in the process of representing five players with talent throughout the Americas. 

“We met through the grapevine; I was interested in expanding into the soccer scene and [Marellia] name kept being mentioned. I noticed the chemistry we had and it was clear we could be successful together. Not to be cliche, but it was a match made in heaven.” Zapata said. 

Marellia honed a successful career in the Venezuelan soccer agency scene, representing athletes for over thirty years who played across the globe. His “Futbol IQ” and scouting experience are seen to be unmatched assets for Z-Axis.

(Translated from Spanish) 

“The difference between how I observe talent differs from how it’s typically done in the US. In America, lots of agents use statistics as the greatest indicator for future success. In futbol, it’s not the same; It’s an eye test. I am eager to teach [Z-Axis Sports] the tools I’ve learned for our success.” Marellia said.

Z-Axis Sports is a sports agency recently located in South Florida with an extensive client list ranging from professional baseball players, soccer players, and mixed martial arts fighters. Z-Axis also represents a selected group of the top break dancers who will be competing in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France. Zapata intends to open the Z-Axis Sports Complex within the month, aiming to house the training and conditioning needs for professional athletes. 

Find Z-Axis Sports on Instagram and Twitter @zaxisports and IXG Sports @ixgsport

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