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Z-Axis Sports Tilts to NFL Representation

Current NFL player agent, Kristin Spencer, has officially joined the Z-Axis team as they introduce their new NFL division. CEO, Alexander Zapata, welcomed the new team member earlier this week.

“We are excited to expand to a sport dominated by a few Goliath…. Excited to bring our proven model of keeping it simple and honest to an American football.” We are known as La Familia and have added an additional member to our family, Kriss Spencer. She has an amazing personal and professional background… we are grateful and excited for what’s to come.” Zapata said.

Spencer will be joining La Familia as the Assistant Director of Football Operations, working alongside President, Jhoancy Zapata, and Marketing Manager, Angie Contreras.

Z-Axis Sports is a full-service boutique agency, currently headquartered in Port St. Lucie, FL. Originally focused on baseball, Z-Axis has expanded their brand exponentially in the past year, branching into endeavors including MLS, MMA, NIL and Olympic athletes.