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Hansel Enmanuel Granted O-1 Visa for NIL

Hansel Enmanuel is now the first athlete with extraordinary abilities to be granted an O-1 Visa, allowing Enmanuel to enter into more NIL agreements with American-based corporations. O-1 Visas are visas granted to individuals who possess extraordinary abilities in fields including sciences, arts, and athletics.

Enmanuel, 18, is a Dominican-born basketball sensation currently enrolled at Northwestern State University who gained popularity through his unique basketball talent, using only one arm. Enmanuel has an immense following, with over 4 million followers on social media platforms. Enmanuel’s representation, Jhoancy Zapata, Co-founder of Z-Axis Sports Agency, has already brokered NIL deals with the athlete and companies including Gatorade and BanReservas (Official Bank of the Dominican Republic and is eager to partner with more brands because of his visa. “I am forever thankful to God. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here and I want people to know that.” Enmanuel said.

Amy Maldonado was the attorney contracted with Z-Axis Sports Agency to complete the year-long application process. Maldonado, an immigration attorney based out of East Lansing, MI, hopes granting the visa sets a precedent for future international athletes intending to earn the opportunity to be compensated based on their Name, Image, and Likeness.

Z-Axis is thrilled with the Court’s decision and has already procured a number of endorsement deals lined up for Enmanuel. “I am excited to be part of a change that will make a difference NIL forever. [This is] a change that will open doors for future international NIL athletes. As a Latina it is extremely important to me to make sure that our international student athletes can capitalize on the name, imagine and likeness.” Zapata said.