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Identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of an Agent

Darren and I were chatting last week and we realized that it’s been some time since I had posted anything on the site, so I wanted to remedy that with this new article. This article is posted in the hope that it provides athletes with a way to more accurately assess the skills of an […]

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What Should A Soccer Agent Do Outside Of The Transfer Windows?

This is a very apropos question for any aspiring soccer Agents because if it’s not handled correctly then you may find the majority of your working year is taken up doing next to nothing.  Gone are the days when deals could be done all year round.  With the advent of the Transfer Windows came a […]

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The Murky World of Soccer Agents, Debunking the Perception

I received some interesting feedback on my last article from family, friends, business associates and people who I had never met before. They can broadly be placed into two categories – the supportive and the questioning. The supportive feedback does not need to be examined here as it is trite at this stage; I would […]

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The Life Of A Soccer Agent During The Transfer Window

In my last article, I discussed the preparations that I undertook to ensure that my actions during the Transfer Window were as effective as possible.  For those of you new to soccer, the Transfer Windows are the two main periods in the year when soccer clubs can buy and sell players (players on free transfers […]

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Preparing For The MLS Mid-Season

There are two times each year when soccer Agents undertake most of their business – during the Transfer Windows. Each country is permitted by FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, to promulgate two such periods and it is during these stipulated times that players can be bought and sold or loaned from one club to another. […]

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The MLS Superdraft Lacuna

“Lacuna – a gap or missing part, as in a manuscript, series or logical argument; hiatus” Welcome to the first in a series of articles on soccer I have written for I am delighted to have been asked to participate and I hope you, the reader, find them informative. I am an English-qualified lawyer […]