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The Saga That Is, Gilbert Arenas

Ryan O’Keefe gives us another look at the Gilbert Arenas issue. It is difficult to deem anything involving Gilbert Arenas as a surprise anymore. However, storing guns in his locker and then being accused of drawing a weapon on teammate Javaris Crittenton during an alleged altercation over a gambling debt certainly is not only surprising, […]

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Nate the Great Returns From Exile

Another contributor takes a stab at the Nate Robinson issue.  This time, the focus is on Nate Robinson, more than his agent’s actions. After spending the previous fourteen games exiled to the bench by Coach Mike D’Antoni, having his agent publicly request a trade, and being fined $25,000 by the NBA for that request, Nate […]

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Allen Iverson: Final Answer

From the moment the news broke of Allen Iverson’s “retirement”, the real question was how long before he found someone willing to offer him a contract. So after just seven days of “retirement” and some flirtation with the Knicks, Allen Iverson is headed home to Philly. The 76ers, who have lost PG Lou Williams for […]

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Grading The Jennings Experiment

Being fully aware that it is still too early to deem Brandon Jennings‘ year overseas as a complete success, at this point in the season, he certainly is off to a promising start. Just a few days after an impressive 32 point, 9 assist performance against Chauncey Billups and the Nuggets, Brandon Jennings dropped an insane stat line. 55 […]

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Trouble In Golden State

Agent Mark Stevens is in the news again. Back in 2006 he was compared to Drew Rosenhaus when he and another high profile client, Ron Artest, were in a strikingly similar situation. Well he seems to be attempting to follow the same playbook in his most recent attempt to get Stephen Jackson traded out of Golden State. After publicly stating a desire […]

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Rajon Rondo Signs A $55 Million Extension

A year after helping a Garnett-less Boston Celtics get within one game of the Eastern Conference finals by averaging near a triple double (17.6ppg, 9.7 rpg, 9.6 apg), Rajon Rondo wanted to be among the highest paid PG’s in the NBA. After signing a contract extension for 5 years and at least $55 million, that […]

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NJ Nets Offering Floor Seats and…Dinner With Devin Harris?

With the state of the economy today, organizations across the board are forced to come up with innovative promotions and marketing ideas to help generate revenue. The NBA is feeling the downturn like anyone else, and some teams are feeling it more than others. The New Jersey Nets are one team that is actively promoting […]

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Chris Bosh: Internet Police

On September 24th Chris Bosh was awarded not only his own domain,, but the domain names of over 800 NBA stars, college and high school athletes as well as various celebrities. It was a landmark decision in that it was one of the first instances in which a plaintiff was awarded third party domain […]

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Michael Beasley Chooses Jeff Schwartz and Excel Sports Management

Last week, it was reported that Michael Beasley elected to retain the services of well respected agent Jeff Schwartz. Beasley has stated he wants to take a “more professional” approach to his career and his first step was to secure an agent. Schwartz and his company Excel Sports Management are certainly a great choice considering […]

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Attractive Free Agents, Unattractive Market

With the lack of big name free agents, the conservative salary cap projections for next year, and the well publicized salary cap cutting for the summer of 2010, this NBA off-season has not been the most exciting. However, one of the more intriguing free agent stories of the summer has been that of the New […]