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Agent Selection Scenarios: Wisconsin Basketball

I had Belmont beating Wisconsin in the first round of the Tournament (technically the 2nd round since there are now 4 play-in games).  I did not have much faith in this year’s Badgers squad, but they proved me wrong, punching in their ticket for the Sweet 16.  The Badgers have not had much success placing […]

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On To The Next One: Devin Harris

Former Wisconsin guard Devin Harris is in his 6th year in the NBA, currently playing with the New Jersey Nets.  Prior to joining the Nets, Harris was with the Dallas Mavericks.  Harris consistently got better in each of his four seasons with the Mavericks, logging more minutes and points in each successive year.  This year, […]

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A Top 10 Agent List Has A Notable Error

I am not a big fan of “Top __” lists.  That said, it is sometimes fun to observe others’ subjective rankings of members in a profession.  Kevin Baumer of Business Insider recently created his list of The 12 Most Powerful Agents In The NBA.  As for his rankings (with top 3 salaried clients listed): Arn […]

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NJ Nets Offering Floor Seats and…Dinner With Devin Harris?

With the state of the economy today, organizations across the board are forced to come up with innovative promotions and marketing ideas to help generate revenue. The NBA is feeling the downturn like anyone else, and some teams are feeling it more than others. The New Jersey Nets are one team that is actively promoting […]