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ARPA Group On LinkedIn

On October 9, I suggested that we bring back ARPA, an organization that once served some worthy purposes in strengthening the sports agent profession.  ARPA stands for Association of Representatives of Professional Athletes, and was created in 1978 as a vehicle to introduce self-regulation into the profession.  After publishing the post, I received tons of […]


Bringing Back ARPA

One of the real flaws of traditional agentry is that there is no collegiality to it. Agents are so hyper-critical of each other that they don’t advance it as a profession, because they are so competitive that they are unable to acknowledge that other agents negotiate well or do a good job. They rejoice in […]

Interview With The Agent

Interview With The Agent: Leigh Steinberg

This is not your standard Interview With The Agent post. On April 15, 2008, I got an interesting email from a name I had never seen before. It included an offer for a one-on-one interview with Leigh Steinberg…yes, THE LEIGH STEINBERG. Usually, we go out looking for top agents to spend a few minutes answering […]