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Wrap-Up: 2011 Sports Lawyers Association Annual Conference

After many years of hoping to attend the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) Annual Conference, this year was the first time that I actually made it to the event.  In the past, there were always conflicts with my schedule (a couple of times I was in Israel when the event was held).  I picked a good […]

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Rookie Duties: The Circus Continues

Another stressful week behind me means that I’ve got to be closer to some easy ones right? Yeah, I really didn’t think so either. For anyone out there who hasn’t ever started their own law firm, let me assure you that it’s not a walk in the park. And as if it isn’t enough dealing […]


Bringing Back ARPA

One of the real flaws of traditional agentry is that there is no collegiality to it. Agents are so hyper-critical of each other that they don’t advance it as a profession, because they are so competitive that they are unable to acknowledge that other agents negotiate well or do a good job. They rejoice in […]

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Review of Disbarring Jerry Maguire

One common trend that I find among the many sports agent related law review articles that I have read is that the topic often centers around the difference between agents that have been certified by a state bar and non-attorney-agents. Disbarring Jerry Maguire: How Broadly Defining “Unauthorized Practice of Law” Could Take the “Lawyer” out […]