Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (10/6/2017)

It is nice to finally conclude what was a horrendous week due to the Las Vegas shootings alone. It affects all of us, whether we know someone who was shot or not. Just terrible to think that someone would be willing to take so many lives and injure so many others who had nothing to […]

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New Yankees Catcher Brian McCann Set For Life With The Help Of Agent B.B. Abbott

The New York Yankees desperately needed a catcher, so the club went out and got one in the early stages of free agency.  And the team paid a pretty penny for him.  Multiple reports have highlighted the Yankees’ signing of former Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann to a 5-year, $85 million contract that contains a […]

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Jet Sports Management Adds Baseball Agent Andrew Lowenthal To Its Team

Baseball agent Andrew Lowenthal has been added to the Jet Sports family.  Tampa, Florida-based Jet Sports Management is managed by B.B. Abbott, who created the company in 1999 after four years of practicing law.  Today, Jet Sports Management represents Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann, Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale and Seattle Mariners catcher Mike […]

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Taking A Look At Some Advisor Pairings In Advance Of 2013 MLB Draft

The 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft begins on June 6 and runs through June 8.  Teams are busy finalizing their draft boards, which includes a lot of discussions with scouts who have spent numerous hours watching high school and college baseball players perform with the hope that they will some day make it onto an […]

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Interview With The Agent: B.B. Abbott

The following Interview with the Agent piece was written by Richard Pallarino (@rpallarino).  Richard is a student at CUNY-College of Staten Island and Assistant to the Director of Artist Management at Wilhelmina Models.  The focus of the interview is baseball agent B.B. Abbott, an attorney/agent at Jet Sports Management. Richard Pallarino: How did you get into the athlete representation […]

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Wade Davis’ $12.6 Million Pre-Arbitration Contract With The Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays fear arbitration.  The club is one of the few teams that employs a “file-and-trial” strategy once it and one of its players exchange figures leading up to an arbitration hearing, which means that if numbers are exchanged, there will be no settlement pre-hearing.  The Rays do this to dissuade players and […]