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Manny Being Influenced To Be Manny?

Should Boston fans really be upset with Manny Ramirez?  The guy sure bitched a lot about the city in the past few years, but was there another reason for Manny’s move to Los Angeles?  This other reason is so important that MLB has launched a full investigation into the background of the trade. Manny Ramirez […]

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Boras Loses A Couple Of Danks’

While I was sifting through the names of players drafted from the 5th to 25th round of this year’s MLB Amateur Draft, a few names stood out to me. Some caught my eye because I had talked to them previously about potentially serving as their advisor and others had last names that just clicked in […]

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It’s MLB Amateur Draft Day

I hope that you got a good sleep last night. It is time to get a solid morning workout in and then get your draft binders out and find a comfortable place on the couch where you can enjoy the early rounds of the MLB Amateur Draft on TV and follow the remaining 40+ rounds […]