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The NFLPA Disputes NFL’s Right To Use The Franchise Tag

The NFL has publicly stated that NFL teams may use the Franchise Tag starting February 10, 2011.  NFL Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Peter Rucco, stated that teams will have a 14 day window to apply those tags starting on the aforementioned date.  The following is from Rucco: “The CBA hasn’t expired and the […]

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NFL Agent’s Pitch To Players And Joint Representation Of Jim Harbaugh

Jack Bechta should be praised for opening up a lot of his practice for the world to understand how he recruits and maintains his clientele (even though he recently ignored my multiple requests for information regarding the representation of coach Jim Harbaugh up until yesterday, but I will get into that story later in this article). […]

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UFL’s $150,000 Transfer Fee Has A Victim

On November 22, I talked about the United Football League’s $150,000 Transfer Fee, which is embedded into Section 3(b)(iv) of the UFL Uniform Player Contract.  The fee is only being applied to NFL teams that wish to sign a UFL player directly to their active rosters.  It may be waived by the Commissioner of the […]

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The United Football League’s $150,000 Transfer Fee

I have no idea if the United Football League (UFL) is doing well with its attendance or TV ratings, and I sure hope that the league does not lose another $30 million as it did last year.  What I do know is that many agents persuade their fringe NFL clients to sign contracts with the UFL, because […]

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Former Browns GM Files for Arbitration Against Browns

Former Cleveland Browns’ General Manager George Kokinis has filed for arbitration against the team for his November 2 firing. His claim includes accusations of breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation. Kokinis is seeking more than $4 million in damages and compensation. His claim centers on his belief that the Browns persuaded him into joining the […]

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Shonn Greene Gets A 4 Year Deal

Yesterday, Shonn Greene signed a 4-year deal with the New York Jets.  I am not a Jets fan and never followed the former Iowa RB closely, so why am I even bringing this up?  It’s because I also happened to come across an excellent post yesterday, concerning the structuring of NFL player contracts for those […]

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Giants Web Webster to Extension

One of the NFL’s best developing cornerbacks has been given a huge raise by the New York Giants. Corey Webster, the Giants’ right cornerback has been awarded a 5-year, $43-million contract extension that will run through 2013 and includes $20 million in guaranteed money. Had the Giants not extended his contract, Webster would be a […]

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College Football All-Star Primer

Guest contribution from Neil Stratton of and Executive DIrector of the ’08 Hula Bowl. One question I get repeatedly, from newly certified agent to seasoned veteran, is: How do I get my kid into a college football all-star game? The question comes up so frequently that when I was invited by Darren to address […]

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The Woes of a Lion

Now at an awful 0-8 record, the Detroit Lions must be doing something wrong in order to be in this position. The one main thing that I have noticed about the Lions is that their offensive line simply does not allow the quarterback enough time in the pocket. Another major flaw is the Lions’ defense. […]

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Invest In An NFL Team

I recently came across an article that claimed The NFL is worth more than the MLB and NBA combined.   The article stated that the average NFL team is worth a healthy $960 million.   The average MLB team earns its owner $475 million, while the NBA average is $375 mill. The NHL has the lowest […]