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Baseball Agent Dan Lozano Gets Scorched By Deadspin

Prior to last night, if baseball agent Dan Lozano was a stock, his rating would be “Buy, Buy, Buy.”  It is not a far-fetched claim to state that no agent, in any sport, has experienced the meteoric rise in popularity in the past few years that Danny Lozano has accomplished.  Lozano departed from Beverly Hills Sports […]

Headline MLB Players Sports Agents

On To The Next One: Carlos Beltran

Baseball agent Dan Lozano of Icon Sports Group has recently found himself on the right side of our On To The Next One segment.  In the beginning of 2011, New York Yankees right fielder and first baseman Nick Swisher left Ohio based agent, Joe Bick of Pro Star Management, Inc for Danny Lozano.  Then, it was reported that young stud Yonder Alonso of the Cincinnati Reds […]