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Baseball Agent Dan Lozano Gets Scorched By Deadspin

Prior to last night, if baseball agent Dan Lozano was a stock, his rating would be “Buy, Buy, Buy.”  It is not a far-fetched claim to state that no agent, in any sport, has experienced the meteoric rise in popularity in the past few years that Danny Lozano has accomplished.  Lozano departed from Beverly Hills Sports Council (BHSC) in 2010, and took his major clients with him.  Those clients included Albert Pujols, Jimmy Rollins, and Michael Young.  These big names became clients of Lozano’s new Icon Sports Group.

In 2011, Lozano hit the recruiting circuit hard.  He signed Nick Swisher (formerly represented by Joe Bick), Yonder Alonso (formerly represented by Greg Genske), Carlos Beltran (formerly represented by Scott Boras), and Alex Rodriguez, amongst others.  It seemed like Lozano was on freaking fire.  Gary Wichard type of crazy, quick success.  But when one increases in popularity, the skeletons come out of the closets.  Those with gripes come forward to spill the beans.  If you read the post that was published yesterday on Deadspin, you will find that someone had a very large can of beans to fry.  Writes Barry Petchsky of Deadspin,

A plain manila envelope with no return address recently appeared on the desks of a number of media outlets, including, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and Deadspin. Inside were names, documents, and photographs, all telling a story of Lozano’s rise to power by any means necessary.

Here is the money shot, which a former co-worker of Lozano’s said to Deadspin:

“You kind of accept that you’re getting into the sleaze. It’s a sleazy world. But Danny was King of Sleaze Mountain.”

One must read the entire story to understand the depth of the accusations and view the pictures that are attached to the post.  While reading Petchsky’s piece, Lozano does not come off as a “super agent,” but instead, someone who will go to any and all lengths (including hiring escorts) to gain and please clientele.

Albert Pujols, Jimmy Rollins, and Lozano’s other clients will undoubtedly read the article published on Deadspin.  The most interesting thing will be to follow their reactions and whether any of them publicly comment on what was written.

By Darren Heitner

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3 replies on “Baseball Agent Dan Lozano Gets Scorched By Deadspin”

If the allegation are true his success story was too good to be true, it’s a pity that one of the most recognized agents beside Scott Boras and few others  in recent years have decided to do things the wrong way. One thing that people tend to forget is that you will always get caught, if the allegations are true and all the facts are real the moral of this story is do things right!!!

I think it’s hilarious that it came in an unmarked envelope. BHSC will do anything they can to trash him. It’s ridiculous and quite pathetic. People who truly know Danny’s integrity don’t think twice about these allegations, except feel sorry for him that he still has to deal with the idiots trying to slam him name from BHSC

What a ridiculous smear campaign.  Lozano occupies some well- earned rarified air in the sports agent world.  Whether the person (or people) behind this are his former partners and BHSC, Scott Boras, or another jealous agent, it truly reads as one pathetic attempt at playgound rumor-milling. 

An unmarked envelope……….no named sources………pictures that even the casual computer user would recognize as photo-shopped…..etc.  And those are just a handfull of the reasons that no credible news outlet has run with this story.  

If the allegations were 100% true then someone – ANYONE – would have agreed to be quoted for the “story”.  

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