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Should Tubby Smith And Minnesota Be On The Line For Tubby’s Offer?

Because so much of my day currently consists of studying for the Bar Exam and doing Dynasty-related work, I often find myself having just enough time to read the headline of an interesting story, clicking “Read Later”, and eventually getting to actually reading the full story later that week.  By the way, a great tool […]

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An Open Letter to Future NFL Athletes

Dear future NFL athlete: My company, Synrgy Sports Consulting, exists to fight for you. You don’t know me or my colleague, JD Nelson, so you may not pay attention to what I’m saying here, but if you care about your future, you’d be wise to read this article. Got your attention? Good. Over the past […]

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Danielle Wolfe A Major Part Of This Year’s Fashionable 4

Every year, asks you to vote for who you believe are the most stylish coaches in the NCAA.  Instead of the Final 4, they term the last four head coaches and assistant coaches the Fashionable 4.  In the past, Dynasty has seen some of its clients make it deep into the competition. This year, […]

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Just The Thought Of Jimmy Sexton With A Soul-Patch

Last week, when rumors were quickly spreading about various coaches who might seek out the vacant Kansas football head-coaching position, some writers started to take critical looks at their hometown coaches.  They were upset just thinking that their head coach might leave town to try to fill the large void left by Mark Mangino.  No […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (12/11/09)

No more Gators Football Championship talk out of me.  Alabama played one heck of a game, and it was readily apparent that the multiple injuries + Dunlap’s stupid arrest held us back from putting up a serious fight.  I hate to see Nick Saban win after the way he treated the loyal Miami Dolphins fans […]

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Jimmy Sexton Speaks About Some Of His Clients

I am a sports agent, but I am also a fan of my home teams.  That’s why, to this day, I have a problem with Nick Saban.  He bailed out on my Dolphins after he said there was no way that he was leaving.  I should have known not to trust him, since he did […]

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Identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of an Agent

Darren and I were chatting last week and we realized that it’s been some time since I had posted anything on the site, so I wanted to remedy that with this new article. This article is posted in the hope that it provides athletes with a way to more accurately assess the skills of an […]

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Agents And Coaches: Friends and Foes

The agent-related article of last week that generated a lot of buzz in the sports agent community was a very long piece written by’s Andy Katz.  While I was not able to put aside the time to give it a thorough read until several days after it was written, I am glad that I […]

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Dynasty Notes – Part 14

Been a while since we last did a Dynasty Notes column (8/25/08 to be exact), so here we go… Baseball Dan Leatherman – Last night, he picked up the win for the Potomac Nationals.  His final line was: 3.2 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER, 0 BB, 1 K.  This improves him to 2-0 with a […]

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Coach Keathley Named A Top 10 Non-NBA Coach

Dynasty Athlete Representation would like to congratulate the East Kentucky Miners’ head coach Kevin Keathley for being named to Pro Basketball News’ “2009 Top 10 Pro Coaches Not in the NBA.” This honor is nothing new to Keathley, who has been a part of this list several years now. Keathley placed in this year at […]