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Spurs Right The Ship…But For How Long?

The San Antonio Spurs have been viewed with an eye of skepticism all season long. Experts who bet on NBA basketball lines at BetUs have watched them post the best record in the NBA this season, but most people know that regular season and the playoffs are a different story. The Spurs hit the wall […]

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Agent Selection Scenarios: Kansas Basketball

Yesterday we tested a new feature titled Agent Selection Scenarios.  We started with a post on The Ohio State University.  Today the focus is on the University of Kansas, which is currently #2 in the country.  Here are some recent Kansas alum who are playing professional ball, along with their agents of record. Cole Aldrich […]

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Rookies “Earning” The Extra 20% Over Slot

The Memphis Grizzlies finally ended up coming to terms with its first-round selections, Xavier Henry and Greivis Vasquez.  It is still too early in the season to call their rookie campaigns a success or bust, but we can already call Memphis’ hard-line stance on tying the first round picks’ rookie contract to performance bonuses.  The […]

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NBA Blog Previews: Southwest Division Recap

Here are the final NBA previews.  I am very excited for the season to begin, and especially interested in seeing how my Miami Heat fare this year.  But let’s talk Northwest Division for a minute.  It seems like every year the San Antonio Spurs are in contention.  I don’t think this year will be any […]

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The State Of Overseas Basketball

The opening and continued expansion in overseas markets has been a blessing for basketball agents for two main reasons: There are more options for placement of their clients at a professional level. There is new leverage that agents can use when negotiating contracts for their clients, driving up their prices. But if you talk to […]

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The Grizzlies Cave In To Pressure. Will It Affect Other Teams?

No more ragging on the Memphis Grizzlies…for now.  Last week the Grizz finally came to terms with first-round selections Xavier Henry and Greivis Vasquez.  No training camp missed.  No harm, no foul, right?  That’s true to an extent.  The players shouldn’t suffer.  They ended up with the historically agreed upon rookie contract of 120% of […]

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The Memphis Grizzlies Not Budging With Xavier Henry

The Memphis Grizzlies kick-off their 2010-11 campaign against the Indiana Pacers on October 6.  The date is only a little more than a month away, and the Grizzlies have still yet to lock up their most recent #1 overall pick, Xavier Henry.  They also have failed to sign their second 1st round pick, Greivis Vasquez. […]

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NBA Early Entry Deadline

Today is the deadline for all NCAA basketball players to either withdraw their name from NBA draft, or go through with the decision and continue to see where their stock lands them. With the NBA playoffs starting to finally matter, the fourteen teams that were not invited to the party have been playing the “Whom […]

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The Not So Wild West

The Western Conference playoffs had such promise when the regular season ended. A young Oklahoma City team got an unlucky draw against the big bad Lakers, a coach Karl-less Nuggets team faced the insignificant Jazz, the ever so delicate Trail Blazers tried to finally make a splash against that old Canadian guy in Phoenix. Oh, […]

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Experience Paying Dividends: Moser on the Brink of Greatness

If you have had trouble keeping up with Clay Moser over the years, it is understandable. Twenty plus years of experience in the basketball industry can make for a difficult task. Moser’s wealth of knowledge has led him to his latest stop as head coach of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBA Developmental […]