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Will There Be A 2011 NFL Season?

With the NFL Players Association and the conglomerate of NFL owners in Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations this month, we have a window to discuss whether the expiration of the CBA will result in the loss of the 2011 season.  My friends Bram A. Maravent and Jeffrey F. Levine, co-authored an article (click here) on […]

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Winner/Loser Predictions Re: NFL CBA Negotiations

NFL players and owners aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye (more specifically wallet to wallet) when it comes to the league’s new labor agreement that will need to be negotiated before a possible lockout ensues in 2011.  NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith explained that players wish to extend the league’s current collective bargaining […]

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Santa Clara 2010 Sports Law Symposium

The college Summer Vacations are coming to a close, which means that sports and entertainment law students are actively preparing for their upcoming 2010/2011 Sports/Entertainment Law Symposiums.  This week, I received my 1st “Save the Date” email.  The information is below. What: Santa Clara Law 2010 Sports Law Symposium When: September 16, 2010 (9 a.m. […]

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35th Annual SLA Conference In Chicago Coming Soon

The 35th Annual (SLA) Sports Lawyers Association Conference will be held this May 14-16 in Chicago, Illinois.  Registration is currently open and the conference agenda is officially posted.  The event starts on Thursday May 14, and goes pretty much all day on Friday, and Saturday.  The conference agenda includes some amazing speakers and covers very […]