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Will There Be A 2011 NFL Season?

With the NFL Players Association and the conglomerate of NFL owners in Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations this month, we have a window to discuss whether the expiration of the CBA will result in the loss of the 2011 season.  My friends Bram A. Maravent and Jeffrey F. Levine, co-authored an article (click here) on […]

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NFL Rookie Contracts: Fair Or Not?

Around the NFL there is strong disapproval about the amount of money rookie players are making. In April 2008, Roger Goodell expressed his wishes to change the current rookie contract structure. Goodell flung an interesting idea of implementing a rookie salary cap, similar to that of the NBA. During a press conference with reporters in […]

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“The Owners Allowed The Agents To Beat Their Rear Ends.”

The issue regarding high rookie salaries has been a buzz around many of the professional leagues this summer.  The NFL and NBA had their drafts recently with veteran players watching the rookies take home some big checks.  ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortensen claims that the managers are the ones complaining yet they are the ones […]