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From Draft Day to Pay Day

Productive NFL players and their agents beam at the thought of fresh contract negotiations. When players become free agents, they are faced with a unique opportunity to sign life-changing deals. Agents do their job in ensuring their clients get the best possible contracts. There are many provisions and clauses in an NFL contract that an […]

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NFL Labor Battle: To The Courts?

Over 60 antitrust suits were filed against the NFL between 1966 and 1991. The NFL has not been able to benefit from the same broad antitrust exemption as Major League Baseball. ┬áThus, the NFLPA’s threat of decertification followed by an antitrust suit must be taken seriously by the NFL and will certainly play a role […]

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Will There Be A 2011 NFL Season?

With the NFL Players Association and the conglomerate of NFL owners in Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations this month, we have a window to discuss whether the expiration of the CBA will result in the loss of the 2011 season. ┬áMy friends Bram A. Maravent and Jeffrey F. Levine, co-authored an article (click here) on […]

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Changes Coming in the 2009 NFL Season

NFL Owners passed five safety regulations last Tuesday during their annual meeting. These new safety regulations are focused on making the game safer for players both administering and receiving the hit. Many of these new regulations are aimed at eliminating most of the big hits that fans are accustomed to seeing. Now on onside kickoffs, […]

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NFL Rookie Contracts: Fair Or Not?

Around the NFL there is strong disapproval about the amount of money rookie players are making. In April 2008, Roger Goodell expressed his wishes to change the current rookie contract structure. Goodell flung an interesting idea of implementing a rookie salary cap, similar to that of the NBA. During a press conference with reporters in […]

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Paying The Price: The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

In March 2006, NFL Owners voted almost unanimously, 30-2, to accept the NFLPA’s final proposal to extend its collective bargaining agreement (CBA). On May 20, 2008, NFL Owners unanimously voted to opt of that same agreement, meaning the current collective bargaining agreement will expire in 2011 instead of 2013. Now, many questions linger about the […]

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NFL Collective Bargaining Answers

Have not been able to get much sleep since the announcement that the NFL owners opted out of the Collective Bargaining Agreement? Doubtful. But if you are a fan, agent, player, or personnel related to the NFL, there is some information that you should be aware of. Luckily, the NFL recently put together a Q&A […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

While Darren continues to schlep around Israel, I’ll continue his Friday wrap-up tradition even in his absence. The following are some headlines that we neglected to cover during the week. The Academy for Athletes, founded by former NFL running back Paul Miles, offers instruction in finance, health, law, public relations and social awareness. It also […]

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More On The Upshaw Upheaval

Gene Upshaw is trying to get some retired players who are known to support the current NFLPA Executive Director back into the union to support him as reports about disunity continue to surface. Trace Armstrong has already accepted Upshaw’s invitation. While this may be a good move for Upshaw in his attempt to retain his […]