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The Crack Baby Athletic Association (CBAA)

I finally got around to watching the Crack Baby Athletic Association South Park episode over the weekend.  It was funny in so many ways, but also so sad whenever you actually think to yourself, “this sort of reminds me of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s practices.”  But that’s the power of parody.  The parody also […]

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Arian Foster Teams Up With French/West/Vaughan (FWV)

Arian Foster is coming off the best year of production in his short NFL career.  Foster, who went undrafted in 2009, has become the starting runningback for the Houston Texans, and just last season set the rushing record in the entire NFL with 1,616 yards on the ground.  He also led all rushers in touchdowns […]

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Rookie Duties: Early Season Adjustments

Just as anticipated, the last couple weeks have been some crazy and exhausting ones. With the Sudbury Wolves playing their annual opening stretch of games against teams in the Western Division, I knew this was going to be my best opportunity to see Kuch, McFarland, and the rest of the boys for a while, so […]

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Did You Get Your Tim Tebow Jersey Yet?

As expected, Tim Tebow has already become a marketing machine in the NFL. Since 2006, the NFL has been tracking rookie jersey sales. Tebow is sitting on the #1 spot for jersey sales, and has already beat the record for rookie jersey sales, which was held until now, by last year’s rookie, Mark Sanchez. According […]