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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (3/29/2013)

My annual March Madness trip to Las Vegas was a success.  I made it back alive and actually won money.  I actually had Florida Gulf Coast University covering against Georgetown and San Diego State, and wanted to bet the moneyline on each, but just was not brave enough to do it.  Hopefully my Gators are […]

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Ed Reed Signs With Athletes First Before End Of Tampering Window

Less than a year ago, Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed was called a terrible sports agent.  The joke was that he had been representing himself and making statements, especially on Twitter, which failed to cast a positive light on him and his situation in Baltimore.  However, the rumor, even a year ago, was that he […]

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Baltimore Ravens’ Ed Reed Being Called A “Terrible Sports Agent”

Last Friday, I came across an article titled, Ed Reed Is a Terrible Sports Agent.  Who knew that Reed could be his own agent (hint: the principal/agent relationship doesn’t work that way)?  Then again, who knows where Reed is getting his advice from these days?  According to, Reed is conducting interviews with several agents. […]