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Casey Muir To New NFL Agents: Live To Fight Another Day

Believing in stability as an NFL agent is like buying a used car off a Craigslist ad – the body may show no signs of physical abandonment on its surface, but what’s the likelihood it stalls on the interstate during rush hour traffic? Each day is rigged with long days, gambles and some happy days. […]


Reaction To The Inside The League NFL Scouting Combine Event

The following article is provided by Ryan Earls, CEO of Cover3 Representation LLC, a full service NFL representation firm located in Gainesville, FL.  You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @AskAnNFLAgent. I went to Indianapolis with several goals: listen to Josh Luchs, network with NFL teams/other agents, and to try and stay awake during NFLPA Agent […]

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NFL Unsigned Undrafted Free Agent Database

There are a lot more undrafted free agents (UDFAs) being signed by NFL teams this year compared to years past.  The main reason for that is the fact that NFL teams are now able to bring 90 players into training camp.  Whether the UDFAs who are signed actually make it onto their respective teams’ regular […]