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Darren Wilson’s Path From Player to Agent

Sports Agent Blog recently interviewed a former football player and aspiring agent, Darren Wilson. In the sports world, not every agent understands the perspective of the athlete. Wilson knows firsthand the dedication and sacrifice required of a collegiate and professional football player. He was a standout football player in college, being awarded the Thomas Caldwell […]

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Ontario Court Rules On Validity Of Contract Negotiated By Non-Licensed Football Agent

A month ago the Canadian Football League Players Association was up in arms.  An arbitrator had ruled that a contract made between a CFL team and a player was valid despite the player’s agent not receiving certification to act as a CFLPA agent prior to the negotiation and execution of the agreement.  The player wanted […]

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Canadian Football League Players Association Considering Ban On Dual Representation

On January 19, 2011, I wrote that the NFL should look into the NBA’s conflict of interest regulations, which currently prohibit agents from representing management personnel and players.  This dual representation is currently permitted by the NFLPA as long as there is full disclosure of all entities represented to each client.  As of the publishing of […]

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Interview With The Agent: Ken Staninger

I first learned about Ken Staninger and Stinger Sports Group over 4 years ago, when I covered the NFL agent and his company in an Agent Spotlight piece on this website.  The obvious thing that sticks out about Staninger is that he is based in Missoula, Montana, which is the 2nd largest city in Montana, but certainly […]

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NFL Unsigned Undrafted Free Agent Database

There are a lot more undrafted free agents (UDFAs) being signed by NFL teams this year compared to years past.  The main reason for that is the fact that NFL teams are now able to bring 90 players into training camp.  Whether the UDFAs who are signed actually make it onto their respective teams’ regular […]