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Former Sports Agent Josh Luchs Speaks, Tweets

Last year, Josh Luchs (the topic of George Dohrmann’s Sports Illustrated piece) revealed Luchs’ paying money and providing other benefits to recruits throughout his sports agent career.  Luchs later lost his NFLPA Contract Advisor certification (which surprised no one), but it gave him a platform to speak about the inner workings of the pay-to-play system that many […]

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Should Agents Hold On Before They Holdout?

The time for NFL Training Camp is now. For all the teams, there will be a lot of the same faces at camp in the first few days. This is not always a good thing. Why? Because this means that the new faces are rookie holdouts. I’d like to share my point of view on […]

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Raiders Want JaMarcus Russell To Return Some Cash

Yelling JaMarcus Russell in an Oakland, California theater is almost like yelling fire – everyone is going to look for the nearest exit.  The Raiders are not too happy with their investment in the former #1 overall pick and are going to do whatever they can to pay him the least amount of money as possible. […]