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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (12/9/11)

Last weekend in Memphis, Tennessee was a great success.  We put together a tremendous Professional Sports Counseling Panel at the University of Memphis and received fantastic feedback from athletes, parents, agents, and administrators with regards to Memphis’ first Agent Day.  I have to really thank my partner Jason Belzer; he is the reason that Collegiate […]

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Early Entries Starting To Select Agents

Some of the best graduating seniors in the NCAA are currently participating in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.  Those that are younger and as, if not more, talented are starting to decide whether they will forego their NCAA eligibility by signing an agent and entering the draft, test the NBA draft waters without an agent (retaining […]

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NBA Draft Early-Entries Are Established

Perhaps you checked out the new Dynasty Newswire? Yesterday, Austin Walton posted his thoughts on which early entries would definitely stay in the 2008 NBA Draft, who he believed should stay, and who would benefit most from pulling out and going back to school for at least another year. It looks like a few of […]