Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (2/26/2010)

It’s time for the NFL Combine.  I will be watching the festivities from the comfort of my couch in Florida.  I have no reason to be there, so why travel to a place even colder than Gainesville?  It is currently in the low 30s here.  Spring Training games are about to start, and I cannot […]

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Scott Boras Loses One, Gains One, In Busy Weekend

Busy weekends is the norm over at Scott Boras Corp. headquarters.  This past weekend was no exception.  Scott Boras has been busy playing with the media concerning Johnny Damon negotiations, but he also had a client fire him and subsequently was hired by a different professional player. Johnny Damon is not the only Scott Boras […]

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The Bronx Effect – Yanks to Curb Spending in 2010

Apparently the recession is finally hitting the Bronx Bombers. After spending $429 million last season for four players, the Yankees are not willing to match that number for next season. Yesterday, the Yankees GM Brian Cashman said he won’t meet with the Steinbrenner’s until next week to discuss the payroll, but that regardless, he isn’t […]