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Willis & Woy Scrutinized Based On Lawsuit Against Horace Smith

On October 20, I highlighted Jordan Woy’s lawsuit against former client/employee, Horace Smith.  I attached the Complaint to the bottom of that synopsis.  Woy and his company are suing Smith for a variety of reasons including, Smith allegedly used money appropriated for clients for his own personal use and forged players’ signatures on promissory notes. […]

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USC Would Take The Floyd If It Came With No Mayo

O.J. Mayo has affected a lot of peoples lives.  He has given the town of Memphis hope that one day the Grizzlies will be a contender.  He gave BDA Sports Management a scare when there were allegations of a connection between BDA employee, Calvin Andrews, leading to Calvin’s one-year suspension by the NBPA.  Bill Duffy […]


Dan Wetzel Is Attacking Corruption In College Sports

Dan Wetzel, currently of Yahoo! Sports, is one of my favorite journalists.  In my opinion, some of his best pieces include, By the rules The Wetzel plan Letter of Intent benefits schools, not athletes And his recent provocative pieces… Agents and AAU: Unrequited Love Probe: UConn violated NCAA rules I guarantee that his most recent […]

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Education Is Still The Answer

Earlier this week, Andy Katz of ESPN wrote about a subject that I have covered many times on this blog: the proliferation of runners in the college basketball community.  The main subject of the article was Blake Griffin, who every analyst and self-proclaimed analyst has being picked by whatever team ends up with the #1 […]


Olympics Updates Round The Clock

I will admit it.  I’m an Olympics junkie.  I am extremely stoked for 8/8/08 to arrive and will undoubtedly be attached to the tube, cheering on the red, white, and blue to take medal after medal.  My one deviation from rooting for the U.S. is when former contributor, Samyr Laine, runs the track for […]

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IMaGine $3 Billion

Is Ted Forstmann already interested in selling IMG? If so, then all signs are pointing towards former Yahoo! and Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Terry Semel as being the front-runner for the acquisition. Semel is interested in reshaping the organization once again. When Forstmann purchased IMG, he scrapped the team sports divisions (baseball, football, etc), let […]

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The Primary Cut

SFX meets PETA It’s a good thing for Tripp Isenhour that we no longer run a ‘Nightmare Clients Of the Week’ column anymore. As you’ve probably already read, Isenhour, represented by John Mascatello and SFX Golf, faces misdemeanor criminal charges (up to 14 months in prison and $5,000, if convicted, per government sources) for his […]