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Six Questions With Aaron Swerdlow, Managing Director And General Counsel At Kauffman Sports Management Group

In just three years, Aaron Swerdlow has worked his way up to Managing Director at Kauffman Sports Management Group. Kauffman Sports represents some of the premier coaches and executives in the NBA and NCAA. Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn and Twitter. The following “Six Questions” short interview was conducted by our Assistant Editor, Cameron Chung. (1) When […]

Friday Wrap-Up Headline

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (3/16/2012)

Viva March Madness in Las Vegas!  My home is Caesars Palace until Monday, when I will be returning to the normalcy of South Florida.  Next weekend, I will be in Boston to speak at the Harvard Law School Spring 2012 Sports Law Symposium.  I am not looking forward to the colder temperatures, but I can’t wait […]