Friday Wrap-Up Headline

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (7/16/2010)

I am smack in the middle of my last full-length Florida Bar Practice Exam.  Today, the focus is Day 2 of the exam – the Multistate Portion, which is a whopping 6 hours of 200 multiple choice questions.  Envy me yet?  I know I have been bitching a lot about this test; hopefully I haven’t […]

NBA Players

Unsung Hero Day: Luther Head

Don Langridan at sports blog, With Malice, has dubbed today as Unsung Hero Day. The point is to recognize the guys who toil and work hard every day, for no recognition. We should appreciate the role-players who come on and give that valuable 2-5 minutes. Without them, there is no NBA. Without further ado, I […]